We’re great believers in keeping it simple. Taking part in a challenge like the Highwayman is mainly about commitment and a little self belief (and enjoying the challenge!). If you look after the basics, you’ll generally do just fine! We asked the local triathlon experts at Athlete Service in the Oast House in Henley for their top tips for first-timers in endurance events. Here’s what they gave us:

  • Athlete_Service_whiteLay out your kit a couple of days before, so you know you’re prepared.
  • A race belt is really helpful for pinning your number to and storing energy gels in.
  • Chamois cream is your friend. It will make the whole experience a lot more comfortable – ask us if you need to know more.
  • Be on time!
  • Stick to your own race pace, both uphill and downhill.
  • Don’t have a massive breakfast just because it’s race day. Stick to your usual meal routine.
  • Same goes the night before. Pasta packing isn’t advised. Just eat the same evening meal you would any other training day.
  • Remember to enjoy it – you’ll be picking up a healthy habit for life.
  • Pop in to Athlete Service if you need friendly advice or motivation – we’re always happy to help!