The Henley Highwayman is a new concept in multi-sport events, so only naturally, we’re getting asked a few questions about the details of how it will work. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, we’ll be happy to answer your questions; please post them in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We’ll compile a handy list of the most common ones right here too.


Q: I only want to enter the bike ride. Can I just enter a single event, or do I have to enter the the run as well?

A: You can enter single events, or both as the two parts of the duathlon, and you can mix and match different distances within your selection. When you choose the Pick & Mix option on the entry form, you’ll be able to select the distances you want. Your final entry price will reflect your choices.

See the Event page for more on information categories

Q: We are entering the team competition, but one of our team is a non-runner. Is it OK if only two of us take part in the run?

A: Yes, you can enter fewer than three of your team in either of the events if you need to. The idea of the team competition is that all three members enter both events and combine their points into a total team score. But you can vary the distances you each choose within each event, and if for any reason you can’t or don’t want to put all three people in any of the events, that’s OK too. It just means that you will score fewer points towards the team competition, but that doesn’t stop you from taking part.

See the Event page for more on information categories

Q: Two of us are entering the Full Distance Solo event. Can we also nominate one performance each to count towards the Team Relay competition?

A: Sorry, no, this wouldn’t be allowed. Entries are focused on a single category, and an overall finishers list will also be published. However, to keep the competition fair and broad, entry into multiple solo and team categories is not permitted. Two solo competitors would also have the opportunity to work together and pace each other, which would give them an unfair advantage in the Team Relay competition, which is designed for teams of two with just a single competitor taking part in each event.

See the Event page for more on information categories

Q: Is it OK to ride the bike course on a tri bike with aerobars?

A: It is, but it may not be your best option. There’s a few things to important considerations here. You may find yourself riding in groups on the course, and for safety, we ask riders not to ride on aero bars in group situations. Also the twisting nature of the course means that handling is an important consideration. A full on tri bike may not be the best choice for this event, and whatever you ride will want to be set up for handling as much as for straight line pace.

See the Bike page for more on information categories

Q: Why is there no swim event this year?

A: We loved including the swim event last year, but there were several considerations that made it impractical to bring it back this year. We want the full Highwayman to be open to us many people as possible, and the Friday evening time slot made it more difficult for a lot of people to get to, so they couldn’t get involved in the whole event. Not as many people do open water swimming as cycling and running too, so making the Highwayman a duathlon and focusing the event base and courses on the hills of highwayman country, we can open the event to even more people. If you are interested in open water swimming events, we highly recommend the excellent Henley Swim series.



Information for local residents

Q: Will there be road closures or extensive blockages affecting the area?

A: No. All events are being run to create the least possible amount of inconvenience for local communities. The cycle ride will be staged on an open road ‘sportive’ format, with all riders clearly instructed that normal highway code and road rules apply, without exception. Start groups will be limited in size and staggered over a 90 minute period to prevent large packs of riders forming out on the course.  No roads will be closed, and access to Henley or any of it’s parishes will be unrestricted.

For the run, a possible short (15 minute or less) road closure of less than half a mile may be necessary at the start early on Sunday morning for safety reasons. Confirmation and notification of this (if necessary) will be given in due course.

 Q: Is the event open to fund raise for local charities, groups and good causes?

A: Yes absolutely, we welcome involvement from the local community. The official charity partner for the Henley Highwayman event is Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice. £2 from every registration will go to support the incredible care they provide to patients and their families here in the local area. While fundraising is not a requirement of entry, the event is open for participants to fundraise for whichever charity they support. For local charities, we would also be happy to to discuss concessionary rates for entry.If you represent a local group or charity, please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

If you would like to help fund raise for our official charity partner, select the Sue Ryder charity option on your entry form, and we’ll put you in contact with their fundraising team.

Q: Will direction signs be removed promptly after the event?

A: Yes. We take our responsibility to the local community very seriously, and that includes removing our infrastructure properly and promptly. Our cycle event team has extensive experience in staging these type of events, and commit to removal of all signage within three days of the event. In reality, most signs are often cleared on the day of the event itself, and all signs are usually removed within 24 hours.